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The Sanskrit Pilgrimage is a six-part presenter led documentary series developed over a span of two years. This series delves into communities deeply entrenched in a esoteric connection to the ancient language while also investigating the Indo-European migration into the British Isles. It poses a compelling inquiry: do the Indian Vedic texts embody cultural practices that resonate 5000 miles away in Britain during the same historical epoch? 

Harvey Dolan undertook the roles of cinematographer, editor, and co-producer for this project. The documentary is presented by Gabriella Burnell also known as “Gaiea Sanskrit” a student of Sanskrit at Oxford University Gabriella found a global fanbase online for her renditions of famous verses and original musical compositions.

This piece follows a heartfelt journey across the British Isles, unveiling breath-taking locations and a diverse array of individuals and sites. From exploring the Neolithic marvels of the Orkney Islands to engaging with a distinguished professor specializing in the Celtic Ogham language at Cork University, the documentary promises an expansive exploration.

Scheduled for release in January 2024. Further details on where to view it will be available at

Exploring Gregorian chanting and its Latin connection to Proto-Indo-European and subsequently, to Sanskrit. 

Pluscarden Abbey, Elgin, The Scottish Highlands

Children at John Scotus School learn the philosophical ideas of the Indian Vedic period, by performing stories that have been composed in the Sanskrit language.

John Scotus School, Dublin, Ireland

Spending the night with Druids, Hari Krishna's and teenage revellers at Stonehenge on the summer solstice.

Stonhenge, Wiltshire, England

A moment for reflection with producer John Reading at one of our isles most remote and northen locations.

Bay of Birsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland

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